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Top Five Ways You Can Be A Featured Movie Extra!



A featured extra is an extra that appears on camera! Imagine being at a movie with your buds when your face flashes across the screen! Here are the top five ways to help your chances of getting on camera and having a little star power:

1. Speak up!

The most important thing you can do is offer to volunteer when production asks for someone.  Usually after all the extras have been placed, production might ask for volunteers.  If that is the case go ahead and volunteer!  A lot of times they need people to do crosses

and walk throughs.  These are terms used for walking across the camera.  For a complete list of set terms you can check out this Free E-Guide.


2. Don’t be a pain in the butt!

In other words, don’t give production a reason not to use you for something cool!  Some extras complain when they are on set and some even take out their frustrations on the production people.  The most important thing to remember is that they are human and

trying to do a good job just like you.  If you give them a reason to dislike you, they will not use you.  Unless of course you are a famous movie star then you can pretty do whatever you want on set!


3. Run in front of the camera when a scene starts and yell…help me!

Believe or not I have seen people do things like this!  While it is a way to “get on camera” you will be kicked off set and the take will not be used.  So on second thought, don’t do this :) .


4. Get an agent.

I recently worked on a movie where they took all the people with agents and gave them preference for being on camera!  Getting an agent is something that you do if you are serious about acting.  Just be careful that you are not falling for a scam.  If you just want to

do extra work, you do not need an agent. In fact ifyou ever meet an agent who says that they want to help you get extra work RUN!! They probably are dishonest and will take advantage of you somehow.  You can register to receive extra casting notices here


5.  Work for the same extras casting company

This business is all about developing relationships and networking.  If you consistently do work for a particular casting company, make sure they know who you are.  Keep in touch with them.  A lot of times if they need someone for a special scene or part they will have

you in mind.


Just remember there is no sure-fire way to be on camera when you are an extra, but if you do the above you will greatly increase your chances of having your face on the big screen!

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